NCCLR The National Center for Construction Laboratories and Research is one of  The Ministry of Construction and Housing Institutions specialized in Construction Materials Laboratories and Field Testing, Soil Investigation Tests, Road Tests, Assessment for Building & Structures.

We also present Engineering Consultation for our clients in the field of Structural Assessment for Construction Materials & Buildings.

We make Studies & Researches concerning our specialty, which serve modifying test method or developing substitutes of construction materials.

We hold courses & symposium in our specialty and we train students of colleges & institutions in Baghdad and other provinces.  

The Center was originally founded in 1976 according to the law 143 as one of The Ministry of Housing and Construction Institutions, then it was re- formed in 1986 according to the law 65. We have a long experience since 1976  in the field of Construction Materials Testing and Soil Investigations Tests.

We serve our clients through our main center in Baghdad and our branches in the provinces in laboratories provided with new equipments   work according to up-to-date international specifications. 

NCCLR has (15) branches in the Provinces of Iraq (Baghdad, Al-Basrah, Babylon, Karbala'a, Salahiddin, Misan, Thiqar, Kerkuk, Al- Muthanna, Wasit, Al- Najaf, Al- Diwaniya, Diyala, Ninawa, Al- Anbar), these laboratories join administratively, technically and financially with the head center in Baghdad, in addition to the sub- branches in (Khanaqeen / Diyala, Al-Hindiya / Karbala'a).